The risk of adverse effects

The procedure is a very strict and invasive therapeutic regimen which requires a stay at the hospital for about 21 days (perhaps even 3 days in the intensive care unit). The results justify the entire therapeutic approach: thanks to this treatment method we are able to therapeutically approach patients whom we could do nothing to help a few years ago.

The results are really remarkable both with regard to the increased survival rates of patients and to their improved quality of life.

There are specific risk factors associated with each of the two stages of the therapeutic procedure: during the patient's postoperative course, some complications may return the patient to the operating room (less than 15% of cases). Likewise, adverse effects which may appear as a result of the use of certain chemotherapeutic agents may cause further health issues to the patient (less than 20% of cases).

In some cases we may need to administrate additional systemic chemotherapy to the patient after the end of the treatment.